The Community: So you as a user of the platform set up your own micro-community. You become your own marketing channel. You can send people directly to your community Or in the next video I will show you how the platform re-directs your website traffic to your community.

Landing Page Engagement: Here is where you would create an engagement for your business website. This engagement captures more user attention and make sit simpler to capture emails. The community and website engagement are not novel features. But these features have been fine tuned specifically for SaaS Owners. The next mockup explains why this is a great system to build a business audience first and how it makes conversions easier…

Tracking Activity: Here is where you’re able to track members of your community activities and reach them exactly where they are in terms of interests, issues etc. as you build relationships with your members.

Content management and Automation: Here is where you are able to manage the content you upload to your community. You will also be able to automate this so you can have more time to build relationships with your members.